Yolo County Library Foundation


2020 Donors

We’d like to thank our generous donors who supported
the Yolo County Library Foundation in 2020:

Karen Andrews
Patricia Armstrong
Elizabeth and Robert Blake
Dr. Joan Benchley and Kevin Jackson
Jason Bone
Katrina Boratynski and Brian K. Tarkington
Diane A. Borrison
Catherine Brown
Sally Brown
Deborah Bruns
Susan Cohen Byrne and Randy Byrne
Benjamin Cadranel
Heather Campbell
Nancy Campos
Camille Chan
Chan Family Fund
Andrea Clark
Sam and Jane Cody
Kathleen Coleman
Liz and Rob Coman
Chris and Doug Crist
Nancy (Joni) and Grant Davids
Jonathan and Barbara Durst
Phyllis Farver
Mark Fink
Ross and Paget Fitzgerald
Franklin Fox
Marion Franck
Ann Franke
Janet Gaard
Julie Gallelo
Cynthia Gerber
Patricia A. Grieshop
Sharon and Don Hallberg
Betty Hesters
Bret Hewitt Family Fund
Alex Hirsch
Adam Holbrook
Robert and Georgeanne Hulbert
Richard and Rebecca Jenness
Deanna Lee
Nancy Lawrence
Frank Lemus
Kim Longworth
Debbie Mah
Diane Makley
Pamela Mari
Theresa and Martin Mariani
Courtney McHarg
Lura Meyer
Diane Moore
Thomas Morland
Mariah Morgan
Lisa Nalbone
Clinton and Eleanor Neagley
Karen Olson
Ujjwala Parab
Tom Pavao
Lawrence Peterson
Lynnel Pollock
John and Judith Reitan
Keith Rode
Julie Rodriguez
Nancy and William Roe
Patricia Rominger
Richard Rominger and Mary Evelyne Rominger
Barbara Rose
Jo Ellen Ryan
Joy and Rich Sakai
Beverly A. Sandeen
Souvik Sarkar
Shirley Salanio
Diane and Mark Sherwin
Meg Sheldon
Daniel Sholl and Claire Legendre-Sholl
Joseph Skorupa and Megan Goodner
Jeannie and William Spangler
Lon Springer
Tom and Meg Stallard Family Fund
Teresa Steele
Mary Stephens
Stephens DeWall Family Fund
Karen and Edward Street
Andrew L. and Kimberly D. Taber
Dino and Leah Tramontini
Erik Vink
Wide, Wide, World Fund of the Yolo Community Foundation
Eleanore L. Wolpaw
Woodland Sunrise Rotary Club
Anthony Wright and Jessica Wright
James Wright
Judith J. Wydick
Yolo Community Foundation
Barbara Zadra