Yolo County Library Foundation


Mission: Yolo County Library Foundation supports and enhances the services of Yolo County Library to meet the needs of our communities.

Vision: We envision a community where every Yolo resident has equitable access to services, literacy support, and educational enrichment to achieve their best life.


  • Stewardship/accountability – We are committed to transparency and accountability to our partners, donors, and recipients.
  • Communication – We value inclusive, respectful, communication with partners, community members, donors, recipients, and library staff.
  • Fostering a culture of support for literacy and libraries – We believe in advocating for literacy and libraries; and we believe in creating a culture that supports equitable public access to the life changing opportunities available through libraries.
  • Collaboration – We work with the library system, allied organizations such as the Friends groups, and partners across the community, including advocates, experts, and the underrepresented and those who serve them.
  • Innovation and Imagination – We believe in creativity, innovation in programming, and in the ability to make change by empowering people, especially our underrepresented members, to effect positive change.

Donate to YCLF on Big Day of Giving (BigDOG) on Thursday May 2nd 2024

All donations support early literacy programs for communities in Yolo County. BigDOG donations for 2024 can begin on April 18th, 2024 and end on May 2nd, 2024.

To donate please visit https://www.bigdayofgiving.org/organization/yolocountylibraryfoundation/welcome

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